Looking back through Portland’s Musical history


Portland Tune Collections:



The original (as far as we know) Portland Irish tune collection reflecting the repertoire played at sessions at the East Avenue Tavern in the mid-late 1990s. This collection was made by Trish O’Neil who passed in 2015. It is the foundation for all other Portland tune collections. Our PDF here is missing a coverpage, preface (if Trish wrote one), and date but contains roughly 54 pages of tunes.



This is the most recent edition (once again, as far as we know) of the Portland Irish tunes collection but has expanded beyond the repertoire from the East Ave Tavern to include tunes introduced at other sessions in the Portland area – hence the new title. Sarah Cardin helped in the process, sourcing composers names, identifying duplicate tunes, editing mispellings as well as staff notation. This edition is dated March, 2005 and contains roughly 185 pages of tunes.